Photos by Mike Karlsson Lundgren

Photos by Mike Karlsson Lundgren


Unnaryd Apotek is founded by me, chef and entrepreneur Mette Helbæk, in Unnaryd, Sweden, in 2018, as a platform to share my love for plants and their healing properties. I wanted to create a business that would help people (including myself) add herbalism to their life in ways that are simple and easy to implement in busy everyday life. And I wanted to create a brand that would create a demand for less products, not more. I find it crucial that we keep, search for and teach ancient knowledge about the connection between plants and people, and how they can help eachother heal, as I believe that realising the co-depence between us and Nature is the key to the survival of our planet and species. And I hope to be able to share what I find in ways that make the mysteries of the plant kingdom more accesible, not more confusing.

Who am I?

As an entrepreneur I have put my head and heart into co-creating brands like Din Baghave, an organic, local-only farm to table vegetable shop chain in Copenhagen, Denmark, as well as the internationally acclaimed restaurants and resort that my husband Flemming Hansen and I started under the name Stedsans, now Stedsans in the Woods. The restaurant was formerly placed at Scandinavia’s first rooftop farm, Østergro in Copenhagen.

As a food writer and recipe developer I have contributed to most of the top Scandinavian food magazines, and written 4 cookbooks in Danish. One of my books is translated into English: The Clean, Simple, Local cookbook. All my books and my recipe work evolve around local, organic or wild ingredients, mainly the plants.

I work as a food- and propstylist, and as a consultant, for companies like IKEA, Skånemejerier, Tetra Pak and Irma, to mention a few.

I also do public speaking (watch my TedX talk here).

Lastly, I have a big passion for sustainable interior- and product design, as featured in magazines like Wallpaper, Residence Magazine, Bo Bedre and Milk Decoration. I like to mix a Scandinavian feel and great, local natural materials with Japanese wabi sabi.

some words from and about me in the press.

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work with me.

For inquiries about collaborations, please use the contact form below. I try to spend as much time as I can out under the sun and with my plants and human children, so please don’t expect a quick reply back.

my prices are:

food- and propstyling + interior design: 12.000 SEK per day on set, 5000 SEK per prep day - the price includes 1 assistant and a selection of props, if needed. Transportation and accomodation may apply.

consultant work, public speaking and workshops: 13.500 SEK per day/appearance + transportation.



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