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workshops and retreats.

A few times each year I open up my garden to visitors. Please sign up to my newsletter below if you would like to know when the next workshop will be. Retreats are made in collaboration with Stedsans in the Woods in Bohult, whereas workshops take place in Unnaryd.

The Call of the Wild foraging and cooking workshop, Unnaryd, 16.-18. september 2020

A 3-day workshop at full moon where we roam in the forests around Unnaryd and Bohult to find delicious and healing plants. Learn how to connect with your plant buddies, and how to get the most out of them in the kitchen and for the medicine cabinet.

Healing Herbs - everyday medicine making for beginners.

Learn how to make teas, tinctures, infused oils and more out of commonly found herbs. Including lots of basic, easy recipes for making plant medicine a natural part of your everyday life.

The workshop is not scheduled yet.

Plant spirit medicine retreat - connecting with the plants for healing, happiness and new insights

This 3-day retreat is made in collaboration with Stedsans in the Woods and includes foraging, meditation, smoke medicine class, sauna sessions with aroma therapy spa, and overnight stays in the Woods.

The retreat is not scheduled yet.